3 ways to break into tech as a Product Designer

1. Find a mentor

When I started by career journey, I wanted to meet people in the UX industry! I wanted to pick their brain and ask them questions about important skills, interview tips, compensation and overall day-to-day life.

2. Grow your skills

If you’re new to the field of product design, it’s important to start with basics. How do Product Designers think? How do they solve problems? What does the design process look like?

3. Build your portfolio

A portfolio is a must for any designer. It’s the best way to showcase your skills and should contain case studies that demonstrate your end-to-end design process. If you’re just starting out in the industry, I recommend 2–3 high quality case studies.

  1. Tell a story: What problem are you trying to solve? Who are your target users? What’s the business problem?
  2. Product thinking: Show your design process through user research and different design iterations. Remember to show design tradeoffs you made and how the final product took shape.
  3. Focus on impact: How did your design make your product better? Did you meet your metrics? Most importantly, focus on the impact YOU made for the project. Specifically call out in team projects what you worked on.


Product design is such an exciting field and I hope you found these tips helpful towards pursuing your own career journey in tech!



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Rebekah Lien

Rebekah Lien

I’m a Product Design Lead at Meta (Facebook) with a passion for creating digital products and services that are intuitive and impactful.